Maid in American Horror Story Hotel: The Tragic Story of Hazel Evers

If you’re a fan of American Horror Story, then you’re probably familiar with the infamous Hotel Cortez and the eerie characters that reside there.

One of the most memorable characters is Hazel Evers, the hotel’s resident maid who seems to know all of its secrets.

In this article, we’ll explore the tragic story of Hazel Evers and the role she played in American Horror Story: Hotel.

Who is Hazel Evers?

If you’re a fan of American Horror Story: Hotel, then you’re probably familiar with the tragic character of Hazel Evers. Hazel was portrayed by actress Mare Winningham and was introduced in the show’s fifth season as a maid at the Hotel Cortez. Throughout the season, viewers learned more about Hazel’s backstory and the reasons behind her loyalty to the hotel.

Introduction to the character

Hazel Evers was a middle-aged woman who worked as a maid at the Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles. She was extremely dedicated to her job and took pride in keeping the hotel clean and orderly. Hazel was also very loyal to the hotel’s owner, James Patrick March, and would do anything to protect the hotel and its secrets.

Throughout the season, viewers learned more about Hazel’s personal life and the tragedies that had befallen her. She had lost her son in a drowning accident and was still grieving his loss. Hazel also had a strained relationship with her husband, who had cheated on her and left her for another woman.

Her role in Hotel Cortez

Hazel’s loyalty to the hotel and its owner, James Patrick March, was a major theme throughout the season. She was willing to do whatever it took to protect the hotel’s secrets and would often help March cover up his crimes. Hazel also played a key role in helping March carry out his plans to kill people who had checked into the hotel.

Despite her loyalty to the hotel, Hazel was ultimately a tragic character. She had lost so much in her personal life and had become so wrapped up in the hotel’s world that she had lost touch with reality. In the end, Hazel met a tragic end at the hands of the hotel’s ghosts.

The character of Hazel Evers was a memorable addition to American Horror Story: Hotel. Her tragic backstory and loyalty to the hotel’s twisted world made her a compelling character to watch.

The Tragic Story of Hazel Evers

One of the most memorable characters in American Horror Story: Hotel is Hazel Evers, the hotel’s maid portrayed by Mare Winningham. Her tragic story is one that tugs at the heartstrings of viewers. Here’s a closer look at her story:

Flashbacks to her past

Throughout the series, viewers are given glimpses into Hazel’s past. Flashbacks show her as a loving mother to her son, who she tragically lost in a hit-and-run accident. This event set the stage for her eventual descent into madness and obsession with cleanliness.

Her relationship with her son

Hazel’s relationship with her son was a central part of her character. Her love for him was all-consuming, and his death shattered her world. It’s this loss that drives her to stay at the hotel, hoping to reconnect with her son’s spirit.

The events that led to her death

Hazel’s death is another tragic event in her story. She is killed by James March (Evan Peters) after getting too close to his secrets. In a heartbreaking twist, she continues to serve the hotel as a ghost, unable to move on from her obsession with cleanliness.

Her ghostly presence in the hotel

As a ghost, Hazel’s presence in the hotel is felt by both guests and staff. Her obsession with cleanliness is still evident, as she continues to tidy up the rooms. While her character is tragic, her presence in the show adds depth and emotion to the story.

The Significance of Hazel Evers

Her role in the overall story of Hotel

Hazel Evers is a character in the fifth season of American Horror Story, Hotel. She is the hotel’s housekeeper, and her tragic backstory reveals that she has been working there for over 50 years. Hazel is an essential character in the series, as she is often the one who cleans up the messes left behind by the hotel’s murderous guests. Her presence in the show helps to create a sense of continuity and history within the hotel, as she has witnessed many of the atrocities that have taken place there.

The themes she represents

Hazel Evers represents several themes in American Horror Story: Hotel. She embodies a sense of duty and loyalty to the hotel, despite the terrible things that have happened within its walls. Her character also highlights the idea of missed opportunities and regret, as she laments that she should have left the hotel when she had the chance. Additionally, Hazel’s character touches on the theme of motherhood and the sacrifices that come with it, as she gave up her son to protect him from the dangers of the hotel.

The impact she has on the other characters

Hazel Evers has a significant impact on the other characters in American Horror Story: Hotel. Her relationship with the Countess, the owner of the hotel, is complex and multifaceted, as they share a deep history together. Hazel’s presence also influences the character of John Lowe, a detective investigating the hotel’s murders, as she helps him to uncover the hotel’s secrets. Finally, Hazel’s tragic backstory and her sense of duty to the hotel make her a sympathetic character that viewers can root for.


Hazel Evers may be a fictional character, but her tragic story and complex personality make her one of the most memorable characters in American Horror Story: Hotel.

From her devotion to the hotel and its guests, to her heartbreaking past and ultimate fate, Hazel Evers adds depth and emotional weight to the series.

Her story is a reminder that even in the darkest of places, there can be moments of light and humanity.

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