Is the Hotel Gym Open 24/7 or Only at Certain Hours?

Staying fit and healthy while traveling is a top priority for many people.

One of the best ways to maintain your fitness routine is by hitting the hotel gym.

But, what are the opening hours of the hotel gym?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: It depends on the hotel.

In this article, we’ll explore the opening hours of hotel gyms and other important information that will help you plan your workouts during your travels.

The Varied Opening Hours of Hotel Gyms

Some hotel gyms are open 24/7

If you are an early morning or a late-night person, you may be pleased to know that some hotel gyms are open 24/7. This means you can work out at any time of the day or night, regardless of your schedule. 24/7 hotel gyms are often found in large chain hotels or those catering to business travelers who may have unusual working hours.

Many hotels have restricted opening hours for their gyms

However, not all hotels have 24/7 gym access. Many hotels have restricted opening hours for their gyms, which can be frustrating if you are trying to fit in a workout around a busy schedule. Some may only be open during certain times of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon. It is important to check with the hotel before booking to ensure that gym access meets your needs.

The opening hours of hotel gyms can vary depending on the location

The opening hours of hotel gyms can vary depending on the location. For example, hotels in busy tourist areas may have longer gym hours to cater to guests who want to exercise before heading out for the day. In contrast, hotels in quieter areas may have shorter gym hours as there may be less demand from guests. It is always a good idea to check the hotel’s website or call ahead to confirm the gym hours.

The Benefits of Hotel Gyms

When it comes to staying fit while on the road, having access to a hotel gym can make all the difference. Here are some of the top benefits of hotel gyms:


Perhaps the biggest advantage of hotel gyms is their convenience. You don’t have to go far to get your workout in, and you don’t have to worry about finding a gym in an unfamiliar city. Plus, most hotel gyms are open 24/7, so you can exercise whenever it’s convenient for you.

Access to equipment

Another benefit of hotel gyms is that they usually have a good selection of equipment. While you may not find every piece of equipment you’re used to using at your regular gym, you’ll likely find enough to get a good workout in. Plus, some hotels even offer things like yoga mats and resistance bands in the rooms, so you can exercise in the privacy of your own space.


Exercising in a new environment can be motivating and inspiring. Whether you’re in a new city or just a new hotel, the change of scenery can help you stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals. Plus, the excitement of exploring a new place can give you an extra boost of energy during your workout.


Hotel gyms can also be a great place to meet other travelers and locals. If you’re traveling alone, striking up a conversation with someone in the gym can be a great way to make a new friend. And if you’re in a new city, locals at the hotel gym can often give you great recommendations for things to do and places to see.

Stress relief

Finally, working out is a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, taking some time to exercise can help you feel more relaxed and focused. And when you’re in a new place, with new sights and experiences all around you, it’s especially important to take care of yourself both physically and mentally.

Tips for Using Hotel Gyms

Check the opening hours before booking

Before booking a hotel, make sure to check the opening hours of their gym. Some hotels have their gym open 24/7 while others have specific hours. It’s important to know the hours so you can plan your workout accordingly.

Pack appropriate workout clothes and shoes

When packing for your trip, don’t forget to pack appropriate workout clothes and shoes. You want to make sure you’re comfortable during your workout and have the right gear to prevent injuries. Plus, it’s a great excuse to show off your stylish workout clothes!

Bring your own water bottle and towel

Most hotels provide water and towels in their gym, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own water bottle and towel just in case. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it’s also more hygienic.

Be respectful of other gym users

Remember that you’re not the only one using the hotel gym. Be respectful of other gym users by not hogging equipment, wiping down machines after use, and not using your phone on the gym floor. It’s also a good idea to ask if someone is still using a machine before jumping on it.

Don’t forget to warm-up and cool down

Warming up and cooling down before and after your workout is important to prevent injuries and muscle soreness. Make sure to spend at least 5-10 minutes warming up before your workout and another 5-10 minutes cooling down after.

Modify your workout if necessary

Hotel gyms may not have all the equipment you’re used to using at your regular gym. Don’t be afraid to modify your workout if necessary. For example, if there are no dumbbells, use resistance bands instead. If there’s no treadmill, go for a run outside. Remember, any workout is better than no workout!

Alternatives to Hotel Gyms

While many hotels offer gyms, not all of them are open 24/7. If you’re someone who prefers to workout at unusual hours, it’s important to check with the hotel beforehand. However, if the hotel gym isn’t an option or doesn’t meet your needs, there are plenty of other ways to stay active while traveling.

Use outdoor spaces for workouts

One option is to take advantage of the great outdoors. Many cities have parks or trails for running or biking. You could also opt for a scenic hike instead of a traditional gym workout. If you’re near a body of water, try paddleboarding or kayaking for a full-body workout. Don’t forget to pack a resistance band or jump rope to add some variety to your outdoor workout routine.

Join a local gym or fitness studio

If you’re staying in one place for an extended period, consider joining a local gym or fitness studio. This is a great way to meet locals and try out new workouts. Many gyms offer day passes or short-term memberships for travelers. You could also look into fitness classes like yoga or Pilates, which are often offered at studios in most cities.

Use workout apps or online videos

If you prefer to workout in the comfort of your hotel room, there are plenty of workout apps and online videos available for free or for a small fee. Some popular apps include Nike Training Club, which offers a variety of workouts for all fitness levels, and Sworkit, which allows you to customize your workout based on your goals and time constraints. You could also search YouTube for workouts that require little to no equipment, like bodyweight exercises or yoga flows.

Option Pros Cons
Outdoor workouts Free, scenic, variety of options Weather-dependent, limited equipment
Joining a local gym or fitness studio Access to equipment, classes, socialization Can be expensive, limited to one location
Workout apps or online videos Convenient, customizable, inexpensive Requires self-motivation, limited equipment

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to stay active while traveling, regardless of whether or not the hotel gym is open 24/7. By getting creative and trying out new workouts, you can maintain your fitness routine and explore new destinations at the same time.


In conclusion, hotel gyms can be a great resource for travelers who want to stay fit and healthy on the road.

However, it’s important to check the opening hours of the gym before booking your stay.

If the hotel gym is not open 24/7, there are alternatives such as outdoor workouts or joining a local gym or fitness studio.

By following the tips provided in this article, you can make the most of your hotel gym experience and maintain your fitness routine while traveling.

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