Peery Hotel Salt Lake City, Utah

Peery Hotel, built in 1910, is a historic landmark downtown Salt Lake City hotel whose architecture is rooted in the Early Prairie and classical revival styles of the time. The renovation of this Grand Dame pays homage to the many time periods during its operation, thereby creating true American Heritage style. The interiors have a “collected over time” feel with unique and unexpected art throughout. Many vintage inspired pieces are mixed with some of the original antique pieces creating a fresh historic feel that is more unique than the heavy traditional hotels of old. The historic downtown SLC hotel is inclusive and accessible to the business and vacation traveler alike. The Peery is a historic Salt Lake City hotel with a modern spirit.

Throughout the downtown Salt Lake City hotel you see nods to the railroad and mining industry - both are an important part of Salt Lakes and the Peery family’s history. The juxtaposition of the formal and “grit” relative to these industries give a fun and modern twist to a historic destination.