Do Hotels Have Matches? Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you may have wondered if they provide matches for guests. After all, matches can be an essential item for lighting candles, starting a fire, or enjoying a cigar.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Yes, most hotels provide matches to guests. But there’s more to the story than that!

In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about hotel matches, including where to find them, the different types of matches available, and some safety tips to keep in mind when using them.

Why Do Hotels Have Matches?

Hotels have been providing matches to their guests for decades. While most hotels have switched to electronic keys and removed other amenities like ashtrays, matches are still a common item found in hotel rooms. But why is that?

The History of Hotel Matches

In the early days of hotels, matches were an essential item for guests. Before electricity became widespread, many hotels did not have electric lighting. Instead, guests would use candles or oil lamps for lighting. Matches were necessary to light these lamps, and hotels would provide them as a convenience to their guests.

As electricity became more common, matches were no longer essential for lighting, but hotels continued to provide them. In the mid-20th century, smoking became more popular, and hotels began to provide matches as a convenience for smokers.

How Matches are Used in Hotels Today

Today, matches are not as essential for lighting or smoking, but hotels still provide them for a variety of reasons. Some guests may use matches to light candles or incense, while others may find them useful for lighting a campfire or grill. Matches can also be used to start a fire in an emergency situation, which is why they are required by law to be present in hotel rooms.

Hotels also provide matches as a branding opportunity. Many hotels have custom matches made with their logo and name, which can be a useful marketing tool. Guests may take the matches with them when they leave, which can result in free advertising for the hotel.

While matches may seem like a small and outdated amenity, they continue to be a common item found in hotel rooms. Whether for practical or branding purposes, hotels have found a way to make matches a staple of the hotel experience.

Where Can You Find Matches in a Hotel?

If you’re a smoker or just need to light a candle, finding matches in a hotel room can be a challenge. However, there are several places you can look for them.

In-room amenities

Some hotels provide matches as part of their in-room amenities. Check the dresser or nightstand for a small box of matches or a matchbook. If you can’t find them, check the hotel’s information binder or call the front desk to ask if matches are provided in the room.

Front desk or concierge

If matches aren’t provided in the room, the front desk or concierge may have some available. Most hotels keep a supply of matches at the front desk for guests to use. Just ask politely and they should be able to provide you with a small packet of matches.

Hotel bar or restaurant

If you’re in need of matches and can’t find them in your room or at the front desk, try checking the hotel bar or restaurant. Many hotels keep matches on hand for guests to use while enjoying a drink or meal. Just be sure to ask before taking them.

It’s important to note that some hotels have banned smoking in their rooms and common areas. In these cases, matches may be more difficult to find. However, most hotels will still provide matches for non-smoking purposes such as lighting candles or starting a fire in a fireplace.

Types of Matches Available in Hotels

Matches are a common item that many travelers often overlook when packing for a trip. Fortunately, most hotels provide matches for their guests. But what are the different types of matches that hotels typically offer? Let’s take a closer look.

Regular Matches

Regular matches, also known as safety matches, are the most common type of match found in hotels. These matches require a striking surface, such as the matchbook or box, to ignite. They are typically coated with a special material that makes them resistant to accidental ignition from heat or friction.

Regular matches are a great choice for lighting candles, cigarettes, or other small items. They are easy to use and pose very little risk of accidental fire.

Strike-Anywhere Matches

Strike-anywhere matches are a more versatile type of match that can be lit on any rough surface. They do not require a striking surface to ignite, which makes them a bit more convenient to use. However, they are also more dangerous than regular matches, as they can ignite from friction or heat.

Because of their increased risk, hotels do not often provide strike-anywhere matches. However, some hotels may have them available upon request.

Safety Matches

Safety matches, also known as “green tip” matches, are a type of match that can only be lit on a special striking surface. This makes them less versatile than regular or strike-anywhere matches, but also much safer to use. They are often used in industrial settings and by smokers who want to avoid accidental ignition.

While safety matches are not commonly found in hotels, some hotels may provide them upon request. If you are concerned about accidental fires, safety matches may be a good choice for you.

Now that you know the different types of matches available in hotels, you can make an informed decision about which type of match to use during your stay. Remember to always use caution when handling matches and to follow the hotel’s guidelines for safe use. Happy travels!

Safety Tips for Using Hotel Matches

While many hotels still provide matches for guests to use, it’s important to know how to use them safely. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Keep matches away from children

Matches should always be kept out of reach of children. Many hotels provide matches in small packets, which can easily be mistaken for candy or toys by young children. Make sure to store matches in a safe place, such as a high shelf or a locked drawer, to prevent accidental ingestion or fire hazards.

Never leave a lit match unattended

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember to never leave a lit match unattended. Matches can ignite quickly and easily, and leaving them burning can lead to a dangerous fire. Make sure to fully extinguish the match by running it under water or smothering it with a non-flammable material.

Dispose of matches properly

Once you’re finished with the matches, it’s important to dispose of them properly. Never throw a used match into the trash, as it may still be hot and can start a fire. Instead, run the match under water or place it in a non-flammable container, such as a metal ashtray, before throwing it away.

Remember, safety should always be your top priority when using matches in a hotel. By following these tips, you can enjoy the convenience of hotel-provided matches without putting yourself or others at risk.


In conclusion, hotels do provide matches for their guests, and they can be found in various locations throughout the property. However, it’s important to use caution when handling matches and follow some basic safety guidelines to prevent accidents.

Whether you need to light a candle, start a fire, or simply enjoy a relaxing smoke, hotel matches can come in handy. So the next time you stay in a hotel, don’t hesitate to ask for some matches if you need them!

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