On-Site Dining


Christopher's Prime Tavern & Grill

This is not just your standard cut of steak. Count on USDA Prime, all-natural beef, expertly dried and seared to perfection. Expect meticulously composed presentation and plating that resembles a work of fine art. The art of cooking steaks has become boring and mundane too often. Not here. Preparing our steaks takes time and care. Our steaks stand for flavor and are anything but typical. Christopher’s Prime represents the New American Restaurant.

Sonoma Grill & Wine Bar

Sonoma Grill is a New American restaurant that brings farm-inspired California cuisine to Salt Lake City’s mountainous terrain. Our focus is on fresh, local ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and refreshingly good food. We have created a robust menu featuring scratch-made pizzas, tacos, pasta, steaks, seafood and more.